An all-round photographer looking for the next best shot.

Name: Sunny Ang
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Since I moved back from Singapore to The Netherlands again in 1995, computers were the only things I was intrested in. This changed when in 2007 a friend of mine bought a Canon EOS 400D and showed me a few of the little tricks he could do with his cam. I was amazed. Stunned. Curious. Forget computers! I wanted to learn more about photography.

So a month or so later, I started looking for a camera. The budget was low, so a 450D wasn’t going to be an option. I went for a compact cam instead. A Fujifilm Finepix 6500fd with 6 Megapixels, iso 3200 and ability to shoot RAW. As a beginning photographer, you just try everything, macro, portrait, product, flowers, landscape, nightshot and sports etc. At some point you show progress, but you hit a certain limit of your camera. I saw certain things like, low megapixels, bad iso performance past 400, LCD viewfinder, manual options, no IS and horrible manual handeling without a control dial.

March 2009, time to put that old compact cam away and make place for an EOS. I sold the compact cam and got me an 1000D. It was seriously a real delight to have a slr in my hands.  The build quality was much better and finally had a control dial! I started at a slow pace, making photo’s of everything once in a while. Eventually I went into a camera frenzy, ended up doing some portrait shoots, weddings and parties for a small fee. During this period, I went from 1000D, to 50D, 5D Mark II and now the Mark III

Now years later, I’m still the same guy that is fascinated by photography. I prefer not to call my self a photographer though.. I tend to give that privilege to the people that are judging the photo’s.

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